Rules & Regulations

The market will be held at the Stillwater Mill Center, Tinkham Lane, Harrisville. The market is held on Saturdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm, beginning in late spring and ending early fall on dates to be decided annually by the Burrillville Farmer's Market Association.


  • Prepay Full Season by May 1st - $170 for all 17 markets ($10 Vendor Fee)
  • After May 1st - $200 for all 17 markets
  • Half Season - $130.00 (9 consecutive Saturdays
  • Weekly Vendor Fee is $20, due upon approval

Market setup time is from 8:30am to 9:15am. At 9:15am the safety cones will be placed in front of the market area. There will be no customer cars in the market area.

The Farmers' Market is held on public grounds where littering, smoking, drinking and driving beyond the speed limit are prohibited. Not only are these rules of the property, but also infractions do not fit the healthy lifestyle the farmers' market represents. Anyone desiring to smoke must leave the property to do so. Police and farmers will take notice of violations.

Jams, Jellies, Cheese, Breads and Muffins may be sold at the farmers' market providing the farm home kitchen is registered with the Rhode Island Department of Health and a copy of this registration is provided to the market and filed with the application. State regulations will also apply to all other farm products. Documentation is required. Vendors shall provide the Market with copies of any permits and licenses applicable to the regulation and sale of their products.

Please refer to for all state permitting, DOH licenses, form & contact information, and general information for selling at this and all Rhode Island farmers markets.

The farmers' market has product liability insurance to protect the market from liability if someone sues the market or one of the vendors. Any vendor selling the following products are required to have their own General Liability Policy which includes, but is not limited to, product coverage for the following: Jams, Jellies, Bakery Products, Cheese and Eggs. A copy of this insurance certificate must be provided to the market and filed with the vendor's application.

Growers will set their own prices with the discretion of the grower group. Growers are encouraged to establish a fair price and stick with it by clearly displaying the prices in writing at the market. Growers are encouraged not to under-value their products. Vendors are responsible for determining the price of their own products.


  • Reseller vendors who have not grown their own vegetables, fruits and herbs. Family members or farm representatives are also allowed to sell at your booth. If you have a Market day where you or a member of your family/farm cannot be present, please contact the Market Manager to make other arrangements.
  • When a product is deemed necessary to the market and no member produces such product, the BMFA may grant advance permission to a member to resell a product. If a product was not grown by the member, the farm where the products were purchased must be identified and a receipt must be available for review.
  • Commercial growers are prohibited unless such growers submit to a probationary period set by and voted upon by the BFMA. Such permission can be revoked with a majority vote at any meeting.

Organic growers must be State certified to be able to advertise produce as organically grown, and should sign their booths accordingly and only if State Certified.


  • Each vendor will display a sign identifying their farm or business by its name; the sign adds to the visual sense of the market.
  • All sellers will provide their own means of display, bags, scales, tables and chairs.
  • All sellers are required to keep their area neat, clean and free of trash.
  • All produce must be fresh, neat, attractively displayed and fairly priced.

Non-profit organizations are allowed to participate in the market free of charge as long as the organization is there to provide community outreach, educational purposes, demonstrations or other activities that do not involve fundraising or selling of products. Market Fee associated with non-profits at the market is at the discretion of the Burrillville Farmers' Market Association.


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